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In my mind, I hear Gram Parsons singing “There’s a light, a certain kind of light, that never shines on me…”

Spending Labor Day tanning my ankles.

Got sick for the millionth time this summer and I am officially over everything besides old and new friends, all of you lovely folks and a handful of experiences. Getting ready to leave every headache and heartbreak behind, throw caution to the wind, and throw those middle fingers in the air once Fall rolls in. Here’s to change, new adventures and whatever roads we may end up on.

My Papa took this in Sequoia this weekend. I think it’s pretty apparent that the sense of fearlessness runs in the family a little bit.

Filed under: places I currently wish I was eating a pulled pork sandwich at.

Bummed I’m missing my family camping trip this weekend so I’m imagining myself out in the middle of nowhere to feel better. #tbt

Living in that sweet spot between awake and dreaming, where your heart is always gold, where you run wild and free and where the time is always around daybreak or sunset.

Doin’ a little winding down.

My plans to head up to Sequoia this weekend didn’t really work out, but at least there’s always early morning trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.

I’ve been working at the the Levi’s Commuter Workspace in DTLA this month and it was such a lovely surprise to have @lilystockman of @blockshoptextiles stop in with her pup Dolly today and snap this shot. If you haven’t checked out the workspace, there’s about a week left and we’re offering all kinds of free services for your bikes, free cold brew, wi-fi, and tailoring services too! #commuter

Ain’t nothin’ like film tones. #35mm #tbt

Want to say sorry in advance to my future hypothetical boyfriend for those times I say that I’m going grocery shopping but end up coming home six hours later with no groceries and some pretty pictures.

Some women have a shoe shopping habit… I have a hat shopping habit.

My pal @austinmccutchen really killed it at Echo Park Rising today.

Lucinda Williams - I Lost It

I just wanna live the life I please
I don’t want no enemies
I don’t want nothin’ if i have to fake it
Never take nothin’ don’t belong to me
Everything’s paid for, nothin’s free

If I give my heart, will you promise not to break it?

Spending most of my days lately singing Lucinda at the top of my lungs.