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Empty passenger seat means moving picture frame.

My recent stomping grounds.

Locked myself out of @shopmidnightrider’s apartment this morning and I’ve been waltzing ‘round town with an awkward sriracha stain on the pants of my overalls. I am that person.

Having a hard time staying away from you.

Where else would I be on a Sunday night?

That one candid shot in Big Sur from 2011 that made me look like a goofy stoner. #tbt

Late nights with Roy Orbison.

Bye bye, Summer. You were a real pain in my ass. Excited for my favorite season, cuddle weather, desert camping, marathon pie making, cozy nights in listening to records, and seeing those four trees in LA that actually change into Fall colors.

They sure are.

Someone caught a rare sighting of some weird creature in her natural habitat.

Quiet Saturday mornings with coffee and Bobby Bare.

Out honky tonkin’ with my favorite Texan.

Today’s album art inspiration is also my spirit animal.

California tangerine highway dream.

Feel like I’ve seen a lot of Big Sur posts in the past few days, so I’m daydream believing I’m there, too. #tbt