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I caught you.

Reasons I Roam:
My Own Private Idaho, 1991.


Have a drink, stay a while.

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I love you in a place where there’s no space and time.

Hey pals! I’ll be runnin’ the pop up shop for @shopmidnightrider this Sunday at The Grand Ole Echo, so come on down and listen to some good music from some fine folks, have some brews, buy stuff from me, and generally just have a grand ole time.

Harrison Ford in The Frisco Kid, 1979.

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My father Steve (with my brother and another mad painter from Argentina named Sergio), Santa Fe New Mexico, circa 1981. People used to stop him on the street and would not let him escape when he told them he wasn’t Kris Kristofferson…

My good friend Derek’s dad is secretly Kris Kristofferson.

Let’s just hang out.

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British & Yankee iron

Get me on a motorcycle ASAP.

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Royal Enfield - “Made like a gun, goes like a bullet.”

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