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Blue Cheer - Oh! Pleasant Hope

That one time Blue Cheer traded the heavy psych and garage fuzz over for some mellow stoned country rock, a little bit reminiscent of “The Weight” by The Band. Hard to believe it’s BC, ain’t it? From the album of the same name, released in ‘71.

"Oh, pleasant hope, when we gonna get our dope…"

It’s not that cold yet but Mama Nature started layering anyway.


Southern California may not have many colorful leaves, but the sun filters through the landscape come the change of season and those warm orange and red tones still spill over the mountains. It’s the same story, just a different way of telling it.

Having a problem where I am 25 years old and can’t find someone in my age group that wants to drink mai tais at a tiki bar and listen to Martin Denny.

Pretty excited that these mountains were declared a National Monument. So close to Los Angeles and so many people don’t realize what a treasure they are.

Butch Hancock - She Never Spoke Spanish to Me

Butch singing his song, which would become better known through Joe Ely’s version of it, all while Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Kinky Friedman look on. From a rare BBC documentary from the late 80’s called “Texas Saturday Night,” which covers Texas culture and various Texas musicians including The Flatlanders, The Texas Tornadoes and others.

Have only seen a few clips floating around! If anyone has a copy, I’d love you forever.

If it’s true that the bigger the hair, the closer to god, then there’s a chance I am going to heaven.

Typical, California. Typical.

Trying to figure out if “really good at sunsets” is a valid thing to put on my resume.

Yesterday’s sunset from Griffith Park. Sometimes I want to leave you, Los Angeles, but most of the time you make me want to stay.

Today on the turntable:

Gene Clark - Two Sides to Every Story, 1977.

Doug Dillard and Gene Clark.

Really feelin’ that violin.

Oh hay, Gram Parsons.